At Sterling Construction, building is an art and a science.


We believe that the experience of constructing impressive buildings and projects is equally important as the finished product. And, that it takes fluid collaboration between people, technology and tools to make projects happen.


Fusing advanced technology with grassroots talent, we hand-select a limited number of clients to enable executives to play a hands-on, strategic and tactical role in all projects from concept to completion. Then, we build advanced commercial buildings by blending the art of collaboration with the science of LEAN construction principals to optimize time, costs and project results.


Agile, yet powerful like the larger firms, were vested deeply in technology, utilizing advanced industry software to construct solid commercial buildings and projects that exceed expectations, without the typical overhead costs.


The result – state of the art buildings that exceed expectations on all fronts.


While a lot of construction companies can build impressive structures - only a select few can build the confidence and trust you need to complete the next.


Lets build something together.​



We fuse collaboration and technology to optimize project results taking "LEAN" - methodologies to new levels​ orchestrating pristine communications between all parties 


We use the same advanced tools as the bigger firms to streamline the building process without the overhead costs.


We are small and lean enabling us to flex, adapt and execute quickly as client and project's needs evolve.


Our executive team plays a hands-on strategic/tactical role throughout all phases to keep projects on track from concept to completion to maximize efficencies and produce consistent results.


Our leadership team's roots run deep with 40+ years' experience across all types of construction projects providing a solid foundation for continuous learning and improvement 


We hand-select and work with a limited number of clients in parallel to give them the attention each deserve.


We orchestrate clear, collaborative communication to ensure expectations are exceeded on all fonts.


Our leadership team, staff and partners operate on a solid foundation of integrity and honesty to earn your trust.

why choose sterling construction?

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