Born from our extensive hands-on construction experience, our unique LEAN² development methodology elevates the construction industries’ standard development approach to new levels. Orchestrated seamlessly by our executive leadership, construction staff and contractor partners, LEAN² blends the art of collaboration with the science of LEAN construction methodologies to optimize time, costs and project results. 


LEAN² forges industry-proven methodologies with advanced listening and communication skills to truly understand, define and execute on projects, tapping into the rational and emotional sides of people that make projects happen.


From concept to design through completed project, LEAN² enables us to build state of art commercial and interior structures that exceed client expectations on all fronts.  




Like any great work of art, every project needs vision and planning prior to picking up a hammer.  When executed properly, effective planning across multiple constituents saves time, money and hassle expense.  If skipped or hurried, the finished product typically mirrors the lack of upfront thought.


Sterling Construction clearly strategizes and plans every phase of every project by orchestrating pristine communication between all parties – from client to architects, contractors and internal staff to ensure projects are built as planned.  Coupled with our extensive industry experience, we study, learn and evolve to stay ahead of industry changes, by listening to what the market needs and adapting accordingly. 



At Sterling Construction, estimating projects accurately is an art and a science.  We know that successful projects begin with accurate estimates – and, that accurate estimates equate to clear expectations as projects evolve.


Our seasoned leadership team takes in depth measures to accurately understand and build project scopes on paper to ensure accurate time, costs and materials across multiple facets.  We think proactively, anticipate scenarios and clearly document estimated costs to accurately reflect each project scope.  Then, we produce a GMP providing clients with an “open book" procurement process.



Sterling Construction provides True Open Book Cost Management.  Our project management tool (Procore) and accounting system (Spectrum) are fully integrated and function seamlessly with each other. All project costs are up to date and available 24/7 for all parties to review, providing clients with transparency into all project facets. Our Open Book Cost Management methodology allows our teams to properly asses, adapt and communication any potential changes to projects on a real-time basis. 



Whether you call it LEED, Sustainability or Green Construction, Sterling Construction adheres to strict guidelines, requirements and methodologies to ensure our projects are environmentally responsible across all phases.  All projects we undertake are scrutinized from pre-construction planning to post-construction review to ensure our collaborative teams build state of the art structures while respecting the natural environments that house them.



With all the moving parts and pieces involved in a construction project, having a streamlined document management system is paramount to keep track of all the details. Sterling Construction utilizes state of the art technologies online and onsite to streamline the document management process across all phases.  Documents are clearly categorized, connected and accessible by all required / authorized parties to ensure project details are accounted for as projects evolve. 



Safety is a core value that is fused into everything we do. It's how we think and perform on a daily basis. Executed through-out our entire organization our employees and trade contractors work together to create a culture of teamwork and accountability. Each of our project utilize a custom site specific safety plan as a tool to make all aware of the potential hazards as well as keep all informed of the project requirements. We practice a zero-tolerance policy to keep our project sites accident free.



With all the moving people and parts on a construction site, accurate scheduling can be the difference between getting projects done on time – or having to ask clients for more time and money.  At Sterling Construction, we utilize Microsoft Project to create, manage and maintain our CMP schedules.  Project schedules become a malleable working tool that ebbs and flows as project elements evolve. 


We define all details encompassing Pre-Con, Permitting, Design, Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Inspections, and Closeout within each application to make sure all elements are connected and moving together across multiple designers, trade contractors and owners.  In turn, creating one master document that makes projects happen. 


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